January 2014

Before there was a Bitcoin,( issued 2009 ), Ripples, Litecoin, Peercoin, RonPaulcoin  or the myriad of other peer-to-peer payment systems that are springing up daily,( Maxcoin? ), there was WU.

The WU,( Work Unit ), is a cryptocurrency like no other. It is created, not by mining gossamer  ‘bits’ from the internet,( Really… how can you put a price on such a non-entity as an electronic ‘bit’? ), but by the labor of a living, breathing, person. The same person can then spend it, with the aid of a new ‘Secure Personal’ biometric technology embedded into a thin, plastic, wallet-sized card, at any standard merchant POS device, anywhere… worldwide.

You can read all that I and a number of other dedicated people, went through to bring this revolution in ‘currency’ to the world in the Dr. K. series of books.
And remember fiction is only ‘fiction’ until it unfolds in our reality.

Dr. K.



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