Eric Crews was born just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and excelled in literature studies as a young man. He dabbled in motorsports obtaining a CASC national competition license in the Formula Ford racing class.  However, instead of embarking on a possible career in literature,(or motorsports), he undertook a course of study in Information Technology.

After twenty years of successfully writing computer software for everything from Fortune 100 companies to start-up companies,(spanning the Financial, Utility, Wholesale Distribution and Government sectors, obtaining patents for RFID data collection systems along the way), he rediscovered his aptitude for creative writing.

The first opportunity to pursue full-time writing came when he migrated to New Zealand in2008. While awaiting his work permit, he researched the story idea that became the Dr. K. Series.  The first book of the series was published in 2011,(after completing the first three manuscripts).

Education / Qualifications / Patents

Institution: Northeastern University / Lincoln College
City/Country: Boston MA USA
Qualifications: Computer Engineering

Institution: Control Data Institute
City/Country: Quincy, MA, USA
Qualifications: Computer Programming and Operations

Institution: United States Sailing Association
City/Country: USA
Qualifications: Keel boat, Bare Boat certifications

U.S. Patents

No: 4,857,886 TIMING SYSTEM Aug. 15, 1989
No: 4,999,604 TIMING SYSTEM Mar. 12, 1991