Book Two

Three Die In Terrorist Attack On Finance Minister
Wednesday, May 18th
by Jason Ioannou

ATHENS, All hands, on a Hellenic Coast Guard patrol boat died by fire, yesterday evening, off the coast of Kea. They were responding to a distress call to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, (MRCC) in Piraeus. The call came from Finance Minister Giorgos Tesitkris’ security guard, after a high-speed motorboat strafed the yacht the Minister and his party was traveling on, with automatic weapons fire.

There were no injuries to the Minister, three members of his staff or the other passengers and crew, aboard the New Zealand registered yacht Kai Hau. Authorities are unsure, at this stage of their investigation, if Minister Tesitkris or his staff were the prime target of the attack or if it was an act of attempted piracy.

Before the distress call, passengers on a passing commuter ferry reported of having seen an orange speedboat pursuing the yacht at a very high speed. Though none of the passengers interviewed saw or heard gunfire, at that time, police believe this was the same boat that did fire on the yacht later.

When contacted, an official at the Vessel Traffic Management Information Services, (VTMIS) in the port of Piraeus, stated that, “Prior to the time of the patrol boat fire, two vessels were tracked at an exceedingly high speed, between the islands of Kea and Agios Georgios.” When asked what the speeds observed were, the official, stated that the actual speeds of both vessels has been classified for reasons of “Anti-Terror and national security”.

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