Book Three


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Chapter 21  Birthday: 3-6       p. 332
The reporter looked over to Rasmussen and asked, “What do you have to say about that, sir?”

Arnie was still as he mulled over his thoughts, for a moment. He then responded, “I don’t really give a damn what he thinks. This is a show, he’s right about that. I believe it will be one that the world will take notice of and yes, also hear about reducing carbon emissions. This race will show the world that there are viable technologies for carbon-free transportation. Why Dr. Kantos himself is heavily invested in this! The Advantics company, that built both of our boats, (that he has controlling interest in, I might add), is busy building carbon emissions-free locomotives in New Zealand. So you see, he does have financial interests at stake.”

“I’d just like to say that I invested in Advantics, not to promote ‘carbon-trading’, but to stop giving money to the idiots in the oil industry. Now that they’ve discovered abiotic oil, they plan on deep-drilling everywhere. That is something, based on their many disastrous oil spills, I don’t think we want. Oil spills out at a much higher pressure, from eighty-thousand feet down. Just look at the mess they made in the Gulf of Mexico!” Dr. K. said.

Not waiting to be recognized, another reporter quickly asked, “Speaking of New Zealand, where Advantics is located, I wondered, Dr. Kantos, why you are entered under that flag?” The voice was familiar to Lou. He craned his neck to spot where the reporter was seated, to confirm his identification, but could not see him.

“Because the boat was designed and built there and half the crew are Kiwis.” Dr. K. responded flatly.

“Country of origin of boat or its crew are seldom, if ever the criteria in such cases. You just have to look at the entries for the America’s Cup, to see that. Why haven’t you, as owner, entered as an American entry? Don’t you consider yourself an American?”

Arnie smirked as he waited for Dr. K’s reply. Fitzpatrick was genuinely confused by the question and turned to look at Dr. K, who was leaned back in his chair looking at the reporter. He then leaned forward and spoke into the microphone, “After travelling such a very long way, Mr. Bennett, I would have thought you had enough time to come up with a question that pertains to this competition. But I don’t want to send you back empty handed. I am not aware of any rule that stipulates the country of origin must be the boat owner’s. However should the committee produce one, I guess I will have to comply and change it.”

“To USA?” Ryan asked.

“I have dual citizenship, I guess I would have to consider which one I was willing to share the glory with… should we win, of course.”

“What is there to consider? You were born an American, you’re still a citizen, I don’t understand your answer. Is it because you left America, after you were found negligent in your wife’s death?”

Dr. K’s face flushed bright red. Peter started to lean forward to the microphone, but when Dr. K’s hand griped his, he leaned back. “Since it is obvious that you won’t permit us to get back to the business at hand, namely tomorrow’s race, without some sort of sensational quote from me, I guess I’ll have to oblige. I did not leave America, the America I was born into has simply disappeared.

It began to fade just as it was at its brightest, following the victory in World War Two. That was when it welcomed Nazi’s to its shores. Then gave them leading roles within many U.S. agencies. It dimmed even more when it never brought to justice those who butchered its president, by gunfire, in broad daylight. When it threw sixty- thousand of its children into the fire of war in southeast Asia, the slide into darkness continued. Speaking of children, let’s not forget the forty-million that have been aborted, mostly children of color, since a black-robed panel passed judgment on the innocents.” The room had gone completely quiet as he paused.

“Shall I go on? Why not? When I watched on live TV as a tank, a tank mind you, shot flames at the home of civilians, in Waco, burning alive seventy-six men, women and children, then I began to ask myself is this happening in my country? I did not have an answer then. But it was later, after that federal building blew up, (again killing children, along with men and women), when I learned that it housed all the original immigration records for those thousands of Nazi’s that were let into the country, that I came to realize that America had faded away, completely. That was when I began to spend more and more of my time abroad.

So I missed out on the live news coverage of that little boy, ( whose mother drowned escaping with him from Cuba ), was taken at gunpoint, by federal officers, from his uncle’s home in Miami. I was also away when three, perfectly sound, steel frame buildings were brought to the ground in New York City, by fire. The amazing fact is, never before had a modern steel frame building burned down, let alone three on the same day, in the same place. Something about that event, that seems to have conveniently gotten lost along the way, is that the building code, at the time of their construction, mandated that the ability to have these structures be brought down, in their own footprint, be BUILT RIGHT IN! This ensured the safety of neighboring buildings, should the fire department determine that any future conflagration could not be put out, because of their height.

This controlled demolition was then marketed as a terrorist act and used to leverage the start of yet another war. And you ask me… why I haven’t listed America as the country for my race entry? Isn’t it clear that America doesn’t exist anymore? Oh, something that uses that name, definitely does exist. But even it knows it isn’t really America. Look how it refers to itself, now, as the ‘Homeland’, which the America I grew up in, never did. Personally, I think they should be true to themselves and just call it… ‘the Fatherland’… that’s just what they are… for that matter they should just go ahead and get rid of that red, white and blue flag and bring back the red, white and black one.”

Dr. K. looked over the group as they sat in complete silence. Among them, only Ryan was smiling. “How’s that? Did I answer your question Herr Bennett?”

“Yes, you most certainly did… thanks.”

Chapter 21 ‘Birthday’, page 332