Frequently Asked Questions:

“Why are song titles listed in the chapter headings?”

Copyright law restricts the use of song lyrics in literary works. So the format of ‘Song Title: nn – nn’ is a way to point the reader to the quotation, that you find in a traditional epigraph, without violating copyright law,(titles are not copyright protected).

The numbers are ‘from’ and ‘to’ lines, of the named song, that make up the ‘quotation’. The reader can go to any song lyric Web site, and look up the song title,(using the song writer listed under the song title) and read the verse lines.

These verses are intended to set the mood or offer a theme for the chapter that follows. The reader could even listen to the complete song, before reading the chapter,(Note: These were included in the initial draft manuscripts for the Dr. K Series in 2008, predating e-book soundtrack services like Booktrack by years.)

“Where can I get more information about the Dr. K series?”

tri-oomph.net – where the foundational research and information that the Dr. K. books are based on can be viewed.